Andrena haemorrhoa

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Andrena haemorrhoa

Common name :  Orange -Tail Mining bee

Latin:  Andrena (Trachandrena) haemorrhoa      Family:  Andrena

  1. Flight period: univoltine, March-July
  2. Size: 8-10mm female, 7-9.5 mm male
  3. Nesting habits: Dead wood cavity in walls, bee hotels in hollow sticks.
  4. Status : common south and east coast
  5. Biodata Link: External Link To Biodata


Location – Greystones Charlesland golf club – Wicklow

Note: canon 101   On Dandelion April

Wildlife relationships:  Dandelion*,Colts foot §, willows §, hawthorns §, Colt’s foot §, Greater Stitchwort, WoodAnemone, Cow Parsley, Rape, buttercups §, spurges § and mignottes

Wild cherry trees Irish variety –Prunus avium -very important.



this is the female version of the Orange-tailed Mining Bee.



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