Ascocoryne sarcoides – Purple Jellydisc

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Ascocoryne sarcoides – Purple Jellydisc

Phylum: Ascomycota

Class: Leotiomycetes – Order:  Leotiales – Family: Gelatinodiscaceae

  1. Season:  Autumn
  2.  Fruit Body -2-7cm
  3. Habitat:  damp woodland
  4. Status: unknown
  5. BioData:?


Location:   Wicklow ,Devils Glen

Note: Found under Beech nurse log fallen over the river .

Wildlife relationships:  found in damp woodland often with sphagnum moss.


I have only seen this species once it was surrounded by up 7 other species of fungi. A mist of fresh spray from the Devil’s Glen waterfall travelled through the air and the the large nurse beech log traversing the river supported so much rich wildlife and mycelium and mycorrhizal networks. Moss was the bed in which these species were all cushioned in.

The habitat was soo specific , no disturbance, full light, constant water exposure in the air, and dense moss cover on nurse log of beech surrounded by other fungi allowed to decay slowly.

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