Common name: Ash
Latin: Fraxinus excelsior  Family:

1. Flowering period: April-May
2. Height: 45m Flowers:May / Ash  keys tr
3. Habitat: Woodland, Hedges, openland
4. Status: Common -in threat of mycotoxin
5. Biomap: Click here for Biomap



Location: Wicklow Greystones Mill Road , Farrankelly,


The most beautiful tree rustling leaves in summer, billowing in the Irish air whispering truths of what we have lost and what we really are. This ancient ancestor is in trouble due to an asian fungus that infects its bark and causes ash die back. We need to set aside large funds to solve this problem and not sit back and watch it happen. I believe the key solution is to use a native fungi spore that will counteract or attack the infecting spores of the non native fungi. Paul Stamets and Susan Simard could play a key role in solving this. The GAA should also be funding research into the tree that for 1000’s of years was part of our heritage and the ancient game of hurley. Save the Ash instead of Clash of the Ash is the cry for today!

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