• Common name :  Green Shield Bug Latin:   Palomena orasina        Family:
    1. Season: All year sleeping in winter
    2. Size:12-14mm
    3. Larval Food: eggs laid under leaves
    4. Status :Coastal and southern area
    5. Biomap: Click here for Biomap
  • Common name :  7-spot Lady Bird Latin:  Coccinella septempunctata      Family: Coccinellidae
    1. Season: March- Oct
    2. Size:6-8mm
    3. Larval Food: aphids
    4. Status :Widespread
    5. Biomap: Click here for Biomap
  • Common name :  Spanish Fly Latin: Lytta vesicatoria    Family: Meloidae
    1. Season: May-Aug
    2. Size:10-25mm
    3. Larval Food: parasite of solitary bee nests
    4. Status :unrecorded in ireland
    5. Biomap: southern Europe
  • Common name :  St. Mark’s Fly Latin:   Bibio marci        Family:
    1. Season: Spring StMark,s day 25th April
    2. Size: 10-15mm
    3. Larval Food: Breeds in soil and rotting vegetation
    4. Status : Most of europe
    5. Biomap:
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