Cow Parsley

Cow Parsley

Common name:  Cow Parsley

Latin:  Anthriscus sylvestris     Family: Carrot/Apiacea

  1. Flowering period: April-June
  2. Height: 1-1.6m     Flowers:2mm
  3. Habitat: Woodland & field margins, Roadsides,shady places
  4. Status: Very common
  5. Biomap: Click here for Biomap


Location :   Wicklow, Delgany Farrankelly – area 4 by the three trout stream, Also meadow area 1 very common along the stream likes wet shaded undisturbed places.

Note: Photo can102 Farrankelly

Wildlife relationships:  Hoverflies, small flies and other very small mouthed species



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