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Cuckoo Flower

Common name:  Cuckoo Flower – Lady’s Smock

Latin:   Cardamine pratensis      Family: Brassicaceae

  1. Flowering period: Apr-Jun
  2. Height: 50cm      Flowers:12-20mm 4 petals
  3. Habitat: Damp meadows and grasslands.
  4. Status: Widespread
  5. Biomap: Click here for Biomap


Location :   Shoreline Meadow Left Bank near streamline.24 April


Wildlife relationships: Surrounded by Dandelion, Plantain, Speedwell and various grasses in the wetter part of the Meadow bank. This proves that when you leave a field alone cut back in the previous winter and let grow certain dormant seeds will come back. It was such a joy to see this flower come up. This was part of a project i undertook with the Local Tidy towns group and Shoreline to transform a cut bank into a wildlife supporting bank . I really wasnt expecting this flower in the first year. I would travel down once a week to see what grew and what insects were present. In total over 40 species of flower were recorded and I would estimate grasses to be at around 25 different species. These are recorded on this website with the Tag Shoreline.


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