Fox Gloves

Fox Gloves

Common name:  Fox Gloves

Latin:   Digitalis purpurea      Family: Veronicaceae

  1. Flowering period: Jun-Sep
  2. Height: 1.5mtr      Flowers:40-55mm long
  3. Habitat: Mountain woods,River edges
  4. Status: Widespread Biennial
  5. Biomap: Click here for Biomap


Location :   Newtown MontKenndy Wood and St Patricks church Delgany near streamline, June 2020


Wildlife relationships:  I have not studied this flower in great detail re insect co-relationships. I have observed Bumblebees going in. Usually to be found on earthen banks fallen tree stumps river edges. opportunistic seed spread by wind. Can colonise new spaces in forest once tree falls. Can be found In most woodlands in dappled light or along mountain passes edged by forest such as Powerscourt, Kilruddery, along the river in Newtownmountkennedy, Glen of the Downs and Glendalough. The flowers here are taken at Shoreline Greystones, St Patricks Church Greystones, NewTMK.

What is fascinating is the toxic element to this flower one can see in the zoom the hairs that carry water droplets on the tips these also may be the delivery of the toxin. Just like the common beautiful nettle, plants have developed chemicals to help protect them from foraging cattle. Beautiful but deadly I wanted to catch the sensual David Lynch like quality of this flower in the close up. A siren like beauty that draws you in to its depths.



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