Phylum: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes – Order: Agaricales  – Family:  Cortinariaceae

  1. Season: Summer
  2. Cap : 3-7cm brackets, Stem : – base swollen colored yellow with wine stripes
  3. Habitat:
  4. Status:
  5. BioData:


Location:   Wicklow, Devils Glen by the large Oak on the river.


Wildlife relationships: 

could this be Suillus collinitus or Suillus granulatus?

Underneath 200 year old beech trees and across from the 2nd largest Oak I have seen in Wicklow there was a rich panoply of fungi species.  Covered in moss and soft spray from the river a great habitat for wildlife.

Very shiny wax Cap. Color  beautiful deep rust chestnut  with a stem colored sulphur yellow with stripes of crimson slightly swollen at the base. Surrounded by Beech and Oak trees . In the company of wrinkled club and a bright yellow orange coral fungi ( perhaps Meadow Coral) but it had been eaten but the color was so rich it could only be one of these rich orange species.

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